1. Gulf of Suez Vessel Traffic Information Management Project.
  2. Establishment of a navigational alerts center in Ismailia, Serapeum.
  3. Mediterranean Aids to Navigation Development Project.
  4. Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea Aida to Navigation Development Project.
  5. Participate in setting a National Contingency Plan and Maritime Pollution.
  6. Establish an Information center electronically linked to the main one in Maritime Transport Sector Headquarters.
  7. Install an Integrated Information System for the Authority.
  8. M/S Aida IV to supply lighthouses and Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport cadets training.
  9. Participate in Maritime Organizations conferences and meetings.
  10. Issue laws related to marine qualifications, safety of lives, ships register, security and discipline a board vessels.
  11. Join maritime International conventions.
  12. Settle and approve Undertakings between Egypt and others countries in the maritime domain.
  13. Monitor Egyptian and foreign vessels in Egyptian ports to verify their compliance with International requirements of safety of life at sea and other treaties for marine environment protection and security etc. Inspect pilgrimage vessels to insure their safety and passengers aboard.
  14. Establish, renew, and expand its branches all over Egyptian ports to accelerate vessels departure procedures in "Suez, Port Said, Hurghada, Demmiette ,El Tour, El Arish, Safaga , Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Matrouh and Salloum".